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Enter the "quantity" of dollars you wish to donate in the quantity field above. Donate any amount.
Thank you for helping the Miracle Swimming movement reach more adult students and instructors.

Uses of Donations:
Scholarships for the Underserved
$600 for an adult to take the Beginning class in Sarasota (SRQ)
$1200 for an adult to take both Beginning and Next Step classes in SRQ
$300 / 6 months: Outreach to underserved communities
$2000 for a swimming instructor to train in SRQ to teach in their community

Build, furnish office/classroom from existing outdoor structures: ~$130,000
Re-paint buildings and classroom: $1800
Update plumbing of pool equipment room: $2500
Shade cover for 2 foot pool: $4000
Replace teaching banners lost in Hurricane Irma: $900
Lightning Detector: $10,000
Fencing to enclose classroom and huts in pool area: $1200
Security video cameras: $500
Pace clock: $600
Light for night and early morning swimming: $5000

Marketing: $1000/month
Pool maintenance: $1000/month
Webmaster: $200/month
Special projects: Student Handbooks for Snorkeling, 3 Strokes, handbooks in Spanish, and many other projects

Donations can be Unrestricted or Restricted to a particular purpose. Unrestricted donations allow us to use the funds for top priorities of the moment. You will receive a USPS-mailed letter as a receipt for tax purposes.
Thank you.